Kian Moini

CEO Lamudi Group

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam with a major in International Economics and Business, Kian Moini began his professional journey as a Senior Associate at the globally-renowned consulting firm, McKinsey & Company.After two years at the firm, Kian co-founded Lamudi in 2014 and launched real estate portals in Indonesia, Philippines, and Mexico. Under his leadership, the venture grew at an impressive pace, amassing a team of over 1,400 dedicated staff.In 2020, Lamudi was acquired by EMPG and the business operations were transitioned to Manila. In the span of three years, Lamudi Indonesia and Philippines witnessed exponential growth culminating in their acquisition by DCG in 2023.Today, Kian Moini remains an invaluable asset to the company. As the CEO of the Lamudi Group, his vision, expertise, and leadership continue to shape the future of the real estate industry in these countries.