Bangladesh's No. 1 Real Estate Marketplace since 2016

Bangladesh's No. 1 Real Estate Marketplace since 2016

Bproperty.com is Bangladesh's leading source of real estate information in the Country


Established in 2016, Bproperty has evolved to become the premier and exclusive provider of real estate solutions in Bangladesh, standing as the nation’s largest transacting real estate entity. By synergistically integrating an unrivaled online and offline presence along with our unparalleled repository of data, Bproperty has positioned itself as a trailblazer in addressing all real estate inquiries.

Whether it’s property searches, customization, or facilitating ancillary services such as legal assistance, mortgage advice, or interior design, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of solutions under one roof.

Bproperty leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver results-driven solutions for all parties involved in the real estate industry. Our vision is to ensure that all Bangladeshi citizens have access to a reliable, secure, and trusted real estate service provider, further cementing our role as a leader in the sector.


Bangladesh has 172 million people, with a total GDP of USD $446 billion and a strong average GDP growth of 5.3% (2023). The country is 40% urbanised, and this urbanisation is accelerating rapidly as about 60% of the population lives in rural areas and is moving towards the main city Dhaka.

There are over 179 million active mobile connections in Bangladesh (109% of the population), with 67 million active internet users (39% of the population) and 44 million active social media users (26% of the population). Internet penetration sits at around 38% with active intenet users increasing 1% per annum with this figure expected to increase rapidly along with urbanization.

Product Innovation Timeline


Acquired by DCG



Launched mortgage solutions



Launched interior design solutions



Chattogram expansion launched Mirpur Marketplace



First dedicated sales marketplace



First revenue earned



Launch of Bproperty.com