Philippines' No. 1 Real Estate Marketplace since 2020

Philippines' No. 1 Real Estate Marketplace since 2020 is Philippines' leading source of real estate information in the Country


Launched in April 2020 by Rocket Internet was a part of the Rocket Internet, the website has quickly gained traction becoming the leading real estate website in the country.

Later in 2020, the website was acquired by the conglomerate Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG) which helped to consodilated Lamudis' dominant position offering over 160,000 listings to choose from and by investing in real estate technological advancements to offer real estate market trends and up-to-date information.

In 2023, was acquired by Digital Classifeds Group (DCG) entering its portfolio of leading real estate marketplaces in Asia Pacific.


Philippined has 117 million people, with a total GDP of USD $400 billion and a strong average GDP growth of 5.7% (2021). The country is 48% urbanised with the population being consolidated in the main capital cities.

There are over 168 million active mobile connections in the Philippines (144% of the population), with 85 million active internet users (51% of the population) and 85 million active social media users (73% of the population). Active internet users are growing at 13% per annum.

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