Cambodia's No. 1 Real Estate Marketplace Since 2009

Cambodia's No. 1 Real Estate Marketplace Since 2009 is Cambodia’s first online real estate marketplace and remains the leading source of realestate information in the Country


Founded in 2009 by Cambodian National Moek Chenda, was Cambodia’s first online real estate marketplace.

DCG acquired in May 2015, and the site was already well established as the leading real estate website in Cambodia with over 4,000 properties for sale and rent, and over 600 businesses regularly uploading properties.

Since DCG's investment, visits to and its related app  have grown by over 1,000%. Similarly, the number of listings on the site have increased dramatically, from approximately 4,000 to over 40,000+ currently. DCG estimates that over 95% of Cambodia’s leading real estate agents upload properties to the portal weekly.


Cambodia has 17 million people, with a total GDP of USD $31 billion and a strong average GDP growth of 5.3% (2023). The country is 25% urbanised, and this urbanisation is accelerating rapidly as people move from the provinces to central locations such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.

There are over 22 million active mobile connections in Cambodia (131% of the population), with 11.3 million active internet users (67% of the population) and 11 million active social media users (65% of the population). Active internet users are growing at 6.7% per annum with the propagation of the 4G and 5G mobile networks.

DCG specifically targeted Cambodia due to its rapidly urbanising population, strong internet user base and the highest annual GDP growth within ASEAN.

Product Innovation Timeline


Acquisition of B2B Cambodia



Acquisition of FazWaz Cambodia



Introduction of transactional business model



Partnership with FazWaz Cambodia



Partnership with B2B Cambodia



Launch of Real Estate Awards & Expo



Partnership with local leading newspaper



Launch of new website and app



Acquired by DCG



Founded by local Cambodian